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No matter the brief, no matter the business, our designers and developers plan and build websites that are build using the most appropriate framework.

Website Types

Our experience in the web development sector stretches back for more than 15 years. We’ve got a wealth of expertise to draw on, and a flair for the creative, which allows us to create brilliant websites for our clients no matter what the brief:

Business Websites

Over the past decade plus we have built websites for hundreds of different businesses in vastly different sectors. We know that your website is your one opportunity to put your business across in exactly the terms you want. What your site chooses to say, and also how it looks and feels, can reveal so much about your business to potential customers – making sure you get this just right is a crucial part of winning these customers over. We get to know you and your business, and who your audience is, then use our expertise to create a website that leaves every visitor with the exact right impression of your business.

Ecommerce Websites

Our eCommerce websites are all designed to produce maximum results. The wealth of experience and expertise we have in our team means we know just how to turn visitors into customers, all while designing a site that truly represents who you are as a brand. Making the speed to purchase as fast as possible is the number one way to maximise conversion, so we give you eye-catching design without slowing things down – and make sure that your site is just as responsive on mobile sites, allowing you to reach the ever-growing number of users who are shopping on mobile.
Our experience with the leading eCommerce systems means we can deliver sophisticated systems that offer brilliant features and enable you to manage not just your sales, but also your marketing, promotion, and administration.

Custom Websites

From a completely blank canvas, we can design, build, and launch a completely, 100% bespoke solution for your business. Our in-house team is made up of highly skilled web design, development and marketing experts – and choosing our bespoke package puts them to work on your dream site. We create your site by hand; rather than adapting a theme to suit your business, we build it from the ground up to be tailor-made for your needs. Our design team love creating stunning visuals for the sites we build, and our bespoke package affords them the opportunity to create something really special for your business.

Event Websites

Creating the perfect website is essential for a successful event. Having a central hub to drive your audience to, where people can convey an early interest in the event, register online securely, and receive detailed information about the event, is a great way to quickly build up a public presence. Your website is a hugely important asset for drumming up interest and promoting your event, and persuading people to attend – but should also always be designed with conversion in mind. We’ve built websites for events of all sizes, and know that making registration and ticket purchasing as simple, straightforward and secure as possible is key to success.

Landing Pages

When designed well, landing pages are a fantastic way of maximising the chances of visitor conversion. Our team of designers work to create pages that look great, that subtly draw the user to your Call to Action, and with any FAQs or key selling points easily found – we can build landing pages from the ground up, outside of your current site’s CMS templates, giving us the freedom to create a bespoke page specifically designed to the best possible results for your ad campaign.

Property Websites

At Colourmedia, we offer designs that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of a modern, innovative estate agency. We provide bespoke solutions specific to your business, offering modern design and advanced features, as well as more cost-conscious options – whatever your agency requires. We build fully responsive, innovative, and easy to manage sites, allowing you to easily update your site, adding the latest properties as they come on the market.

Showcase Websites

If you’re looking to showcase a new product, create excitement about a new promotion, or push your latest campaign, then building a website that will amaze and capture your audience’s imagination is a fantastic way to make a real impact. We can design a site that will stand apart from your main website just for that one-off product or occasion, allowing us to really crank up our creativity and push the envelope – giving you a website that wows your audience and gets people talking.


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