Web Design work experience: Will’s week at Colourmedia

Will joined us just before Christmas for a week of work experience, getting guidance from our web design and digital marketing teams as he looked to get a feel for what we do. Here’s how he got on…

Work experience week:

Day 1:

I started my week’s work experience at Colourmedia wanting to learn about the company but also learn about web design. I went into the work experience with little to no experience but I had an open mindset, and I would also accept and try any task that was given to me. Everyone welcomed me and were very friendly.  My first day started by designing a newsletter for the Settle to Carlisle railway. At first I struggled to get to grips with Photoshop and how it actually worked. However after receiving some help and shown the basics, I cracked on with the newsletter and by the end of the day I had created the front page of the newsletter. I was given my own computer to work on and was treated like an adult by everyone at the company.

Day 2:

I went into my second day with more experience and was looking forward to seeing what I might be doing. They gave me a second newsletter to design for Workware informing people on the closing and reopening dates. I completed the task quickly as the guidance I was given allowed me to progress quickly but also produce a good final product. After completing this task I got to Web Design – designing a new website for a finance company using the skills I had previously learned.

I was only given a small brief on what my website had to include. The rest was up to me: choosing a secondary colour, the whole layout of the page and images I wanted to use. I found it difficult at first. However, I created the front page for the website with some adjustments still to make and a lot of work still to do creating the other pages for the website. I also learned the very basics of how to code a newsletter which was explained well but still went in one ear and out the other!

Day 3:

I continued onto my third day, keeping on with my web design project. I had a full day of work ahead of me creating the about us page for the website, using the images I was given but also using Shutterstock, a website I had never heard of before starting my work experience. I added effects to the images and learnt so much. The more Photoshop I did the easier it became, and was able to create the page.

Day 4:

Day 4 was a bit different to the rest as it was Christmas jumper day! I followed on from the previous day by continuing on with my web design an applying my skills from the previous days to making the Services and Contact page on the website. I completed my web design the way I wanted it to look as it was up to me. I enjoyed creating the website and this week has helped me figure out a career path I may want to follow. Day 4 I was also given this task, to write a blog and was helped on how to write it.

Overall there are more areas than I expected to design and create a website and I felt like part of the team while at my work experience. I now know how to use Photoshop and now have skills I didn’t have previously.