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We love designing for print – from a super slick corporate brochure to a chunky product catalogue. The smell and feel of printed literature is still a passion. There are so many ways that we can solve your design and print needs.

Print is still a large part of marketing strategies for most – if not all – businesses. Digital marketing is of course a game changer, but a physical, tangible product that clients can hold in their hands is still an incredibly effective way to get your message across. With our high-quality design, we can help you create an effective print campaign.

Boasting over 30 years of experience within the design for print sector, Colourmedia is in the position to conceive and manage your printed material for you. Many of our clients rely on literature to reach specific markets – to promote products and services at trade shows, display packaged products within retail outlets and more.

We are always available to help with any queries you might have, taking a personal, hands-on approach to provide the best solution for your business. Our design for print services are tailored to you, from the first meeting, initial concept and design, through to sending the final product to the printers. We can work within a brief from any ideas you might have, or create something special for your business from a blank canvas.

Our expertise in the design and print sector means we can offer you in-depth advice, drawing on our knowledge of the industry – and the latest technologies being used. We place print with large format and display printers, traditional large and small format litho and state of the art digital printers – depending on the product and your needs we can find the right printing service for you.

We can advise on the very best solution for any need that your business might have, whether it’s reaching customers with point of sale, packaging design or exhibition stands; or company annual reports and newsletters.


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