Email Newsletters

If you don’t have an email campaign then you’re missing out on a fantastic way of directly reaching potentially interested customers in your market – and with more than 80% of B2B and B2C businesses using some form of email marketing technology, these are customers that could go to your competition instead.


Email Marketing has been consistently proven to be one of the most effective methods of acquiring new customers, surpassing the likes of social media and paid search in terms of engagement, conversion and ROI. Whether it’s a newsletter, special offer, follow up email or product launch, we can help you set up a way to reach your target audience through our specialist email campaigns. Our team of designers can also develop email templates to make sure your emails look fantastic.

Colourmedia offers specialised email marketing software allowing you to easily manage create and send your own campaigns, using our fully managed, hosted solution designed specifically for you.

We can offer:

  • Easy browser-based contact management
  • ‘Hands-Free’ follow-up with autoresponders
  • Personalise your email campaign
  • Automatically integrated bounce management
  • Track click-throughs and email-opens
  • Segment and filter your email lists before sending
  • Professionally designed email templates
  • Custom email templates

We can measure the performance of your campaign by tracking click-through rates, popular links and can even see who has opened your email, and where in the world they are.


Email marketing now means more than just sending emails to your target market. We can also use the email platforms themselves to display targeted advertising. With Google Display Network advertising we can use three types of ads to reach Gmail customers while they browse their inbox.